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How do I book an appointment at Teddy's?

Appointments can only be booked online via our Online Booking Site.

  1. Head to our Online Booking Site.
  2. Select the service you wish to book
  3. Select your preferred date
  4. Select your preferred time
  5. Select 'Confirm Booking'
  6. Create a new account or login to your existing account
  7. View confirmation on screen
You will receive a confirmation email after the booking is confirmed, and an SMS reminder 24 hours before your appointment. TIP: We are often fully booked so it's a good idea to book your appointment at least a week in advance.​​​​​​​

What if it says 'There's no availability on that day, try another one instead'?

Unfortunately, that means we're all booked up on that day. You’ll have to try another date.

Can I book an appointment without creating an account?

No, you'll need to create an account to make an appointment. All you need to provide is your first name, last name, email, mobile number and password. Having an account means you can manage your own appointment. You can log in anytime to check, reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Why won't it accept my mobile number?

Make sure you enter your mobile number without the leading zero. For example, if your number is 0412 345 678, remove the zero from the beginning and enter 412 345 678.

Does Teddy's have a contact phone number?

We don't have a phone number. This is because Chris is busy cutting hair and is unable to take calls. We ask that you use our online booking site to manage your bookings. For further enquiries you can email teddys3194@outlook.com. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

I need to change my appointment.

To change your appointment, find your appointment confirmation email and click on 'Manage Booking'. From here you can edit your appointment details. If you can't locate your confirmation email, you can go straight to www.fresha.com/appointments and log in using your account details.

How do I know my appointment has been booked?

You will receive an email confirmation once your booking has been confirmed. You'll also be able to see the confirmed booking in your account. If you cannot see the booking, and do not receive a confirmation email, this means that your booking has not been successful.

Can I change my appointment time via social media?

We get a lot of messages on Facebook and Instagram about changing appointments, but we aren't able to manage your booking via these sites. Please review 'I need to change my appointment' in this FAQs list for instructions on rescheduling your booking.